• Reveal your hidden Treasure
    Inner Child Self Positioning

    23rd-26th of September 2017

    in Monestevole, Italy

    Reconnect with yourself and enjoy delicious food on a stunning farm on the umbrian countryside

    I’m thrilled to do my 4 day workshop at Tribewanted Monestevole, a beautiful 15th century farm hamlet on top of a hill surrounded by 40 hectares of olive groves, pastures, oak forests and a vineyard. I’ve written parts of my third book there and I can assure you: This place is amazing to get going and flowing!. .
    Step by step you’ll reveal your hidden Treasure and gain insights about yourself that leed you to inner clarity, orientation and a deep sense of who you are. After the workshop you will be reconnected with your true self again. In addition you will have the fitting words for your Treasure – like an individual motto that you can follow from then on.

    The workshop will be held in English and – if requested – in German.


    Why do this Workshop?
    Questions you may ask yourself: Should I quit my job/my partner/the country? Which job is the right one for me? What should I do with my life? What makes me unique? What can I do that makes me and others happy?

    Sometimes in our lives we stand at crossroads and cannot decide which road to take.

    In these moments we often don’t know who we really are and what we really want. Oh, if we only had been handed an envelope at our birth that contains a letter with a briefing! If we only knew what we can do best, what we have to offer the world, what we are supposed to do . . .

    Surprise: The answer to all these questions lies within ourselves – in our Treasure.


    My workshop will lead you the way to your Treasure – in the end you will have two or three word to describe everything that you are. I developed it 9 years ago and I have been doing it a felt 1000 times. Doing it in Italy in May is a premiere and I’m thrilled to do it in Monestevole: It’s the perfect location to find Treasures being a Treasure itself.

    I’ve been working as a coach and trainer. for 13 years now and I have improved the lives of more than 700 people. My work is based on systemic transactional analysis combined with varied advanced trainings in coaching and therapy mixed with over a decade of experiences in the creative field. I've read a thousand books on the matter, have one son (19) and two cats.

    Sorry, but what is a Treasure?

    Imagine you put everything you are in one pot: Your abilities, your experience, your values … Imagine you let this ensemble simmer, and after a while your »personal liquid« turns into this concentrated and rich texture: Your essence – your Treasure. All you are, all you do is based on it. If you know your Treasure, you are ready to use it as a guidance, for your private life and your career management. It will feel like you own yourself again. When we experience our true nature we feel deeply alive.


    And, hey, it doesn’t matter if you not currently standing at a life-crossroad. Use the workshop then as a »prophylaxis« for your following decisions.


    Do I have a Treasure?

    Of course you do!
    I’ve done this workshop so many times and have seen so many people smiling brightly all of a sudden when the words for their tTeasure were just right. So let’s find out how you can make yourself and others smile . . .










    Think, talk, relax

    There’ll be some exercises that you will do on your own and some that you do in small groups. There’ll be plenty of time to let your cognitive insights fall onto a deeper ground where they will be transformed into a deep knowledge about yourself.

    There’ll be plenty of time to chat and relax – dolce vita!

    Find out what really matters to you

    Via varied exercises will review from different angles what you have done in your life so far and while »deconstructing« yourself you will get closer and closer to your Treasure and feel more and more connected with your essence. You’ll get the big picture: Why did I do X so easily, why did I fail with Y?

    Exchange with like-minded people

    You will have inspiring conversations with other Treasure-seekers and maybe find new friends along the way. You might want to take hikes around the Umbrian hillside or simply lie in a hammock or watch the beautiful sunset or sit around the bonfire under the stars or take a swim in the pool …

    Join in all farm activities

    You will love to support the community by helping in the kitchen, making home-made pizza, or working in the gardens. You are welcome to join in all community activities at Monestevole.

    Perfect for couples!

    Bring your partner or your best friend! By looking for your own Treasure - and your partner's together – you will see each other from new angles, opening up new possibilities for appreciation and love.


    »The days were an absolute enrichment for both of us – it was effectively exciting. Even if you know each other for a long time already you get to know your partner better in a different and new way.« (Lisa & Tim, 35)


  • Why it's good to

    know your Treasure

    Insight in your identity

    You’ll come closer to your personality than you’ve maybe ever been.

    Clear direction

    You will find out which way you can easily go and which way you should better avoid; why some situations are ideally suited for you and some aren’t. Your Treasure will guide you!

    Self confidence

    What you my have only guessed before will be pretty clear: These are my values! This self confidence will be perceived not only by you but by everyone you meet.


    Find words for yourself

    You will be able to talk about yourself in clear words: who you are, what you can do and how exactly you can contribute.

    Satisfaction and productivity

    You will approach your tasks committedly and become more productive. Your energy will originate naturally, no need to force it! All of this will make you more satisfied.

    More Me

    By creating more and more »stages« for your Treasure and spending more time with people who appreciate it you will live day by day in more harmony with yourself.

  • »With my Treasure in mind it's way easier to take decisions.«

    Melanie, 37, Architect

    »My Treasure is offering me a principal theme. It has an unbelievable power that seems to pull me. It’s not dragging me, it is actually pulling me – a very good feeling. With my Treasure in mind it’s way easier to take decisions.« Melanie, 37, Architect


    »I pay much more attention to how I “tick” and act and sometimes I can even chuckle about topics that I was rather critical of in the past.« Martin, 42, Account Manager


    »It is unbelievable how much energy is formed by the interaction of your inner and outer (group) observations.« Stephanie, 29, employee


    »I experienced new things, got to know myself better, always felt like I was in good hands, found and became fond of my personal Treasure which daily motivates my thinking and acting and I had a lot of fun while doing all of that.« Petra, 36, Graphic Designer


    »I thank you for the acquired clarity about myself and I am sure my future employees will thank you as well.« Sabine, 40, company owner

  • Want to join?





    Welcome! You are gonna be one of the eight participants – I like to keep the group small so that each of you can have individual coaching session during the workshop.


    How to get there

    is explained perfectly on the Monestevole website.


    Booking the Workshop

    Tuition for the 4 days Workshop: € 350 per person. Couples or friends-discount each 5 %

    Early Birds till 31.6. € 300 per Person

    Early early Birds till 31.5. receive an hour Coaching worth € 120 on top.

    For the booking please send an Email to kontakt@dasacoaching.de with a yes, your adress and phone number and I will confirm your booking.


    Booking the Accommodation

    Monestevole offers a range of beautiful accommodation options starting from € 280 for 4 nights including all (!) meals and drinks (for example their own wine).

    For the booking of the rooms please contact Adrienne: monestevole@tribewanted.com


    Prices are:


    Room ARIA
    1 person or 2 friends/ 1 couple - € 90 per person/night*


    Room STELLE
    1 person or 2 friends/ 1 couple - € 90 per person/night*, additional bed € 50


    Room TERRA
    1 person or 2 friends/ 1 couple - € 90 per person/night*


    1 person or 2 friends/ 1 couple - € 75 per person/night*


    Appartment CHIESETTA
    3 - 4 persons - € 90 per person/night*, additional bed € 50


    * Single supplement +20 %




    »I love to see how people own their lives again, watch them quit their destructive patterns they have run sometimes for decades. I love to touch souls and set them free.« Dasa Szekely


    How many careers can one person have?

    Well, I have had four so far and I don’t regret a single one!

    I started out as a graphic designer (1), then became a copywriter (2 a) turning into a strategy consultant (2 b). I worked as a lecturer for Creative and Copy Writing at the University of Art and Design Offenbach for 9 years. After over a decade in the creative field it was time to move on. But whereto? If I only had known my Treasure then it wouldn’t have taken me so much time to figure that out.

    Finally I stumbled on coaching by chance and fell in love immediately (a love that has lasted ever since). I did a two years training to become a systemic coach (3). I wasn’t satisfied though, I wanted to be able to dig deeper and make the results more lasting which is why I got into »Transactional Analysis«: a collection of highly pragmatic and effective tools – my professional home base.

    Since 2010 I’m also an author (4). I have published two coaching guidebooks and lately a nonfiction about men in crisis) – so far unfortunately only in german.

    Finally settled.

    I’ve been doing my actual professional life for 13 years now working as a coach and trainer. I have happily improved the lives of more than 700 people using my »Life is your Job«-Method that is based on systemic transactional analysis, varied advanced trainings in coaching and therapy mixed with over a decade of experiences in the creative field.

    I have managed to combine all my careers and it feels like I have settled – at least no fifth career in the orbit so far.


    Monestevole and me

    I wrote parts of my third book in Monestevole in April 2015 and I just felt great there enjoying the atmosphere, the other guests, the lovely staff … I made new friends and I’m so glad about these encounters! The beautiful farmhouse, the surrounding nature, the quietness of this place are perfect for being creatively productive in a very relaxed way –ideal for finding one’s inner Treasure.

    For more information please check my website (currently only in german) www.dasacoaching.de




    Please don’t hesitate to contact me when you have problems you are not capable of solving by yourself, may they be private or professional.

    I’m currently based in Frankfurt, Germany, but I also do 1:1 sessions via Skype or Facetime if you live elsewhere. I do it in german, english – and hopefully soon in italian (at the moment it’s more of a italianglish).

    The first talk is free

    Why? First because I want you to get to know me before we start working and I want to give to the time to ask questions before we start at all. Second because I want to get to know you and find out if I can help (this is mostly the case, but you never know!)

    So the first approx.. 20 minutes talk is free and not binding: After that you decide if you want to work with me.

    If you are based near Frankfurt you are of course welcome in my office. Just give me a call.